HIPPY Canada Better with Books Club

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is an Early Childhood Education program that recognizes the power of the parent as a child’s first and best teacher.

HIPPY programs serve families from diverse ethnic and geographic groups across the country, particularly those most at risk because of poverty, parents’ limited education or social isolation.

Many HIPPY supporters have seen and loved our selection of Canadian-published books and want to buy them for their children, grandchildren and friends. In response, HIPPY Canada presents the Better with Books Club.

It's an opportunity for you to access the books from our programs, and also to support HIPPY Canada and HIPPY families directly. You can add a donation with purchase, purchase one or more books for a HIPPY family somewhere in Canada, or simply donate money if you choose. 

We know life is better with books! Help us ensure every child has one.

The bonding we spent together, from reading stories from the books that HIPPY has provided, the interactions we had and the moments we spent together for home study are lifetime memories that we will cherish and it’s going to be a beautiful story to tell as she grows older. 

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When my son and I read the storybooks and do the HIPPY program, curriculum, it’s a study. My son started to learn how to follow, how to ask a question and how to think and how to read a book by himself. I think the most important thing…for my son is that he is not afraid to study and read books.

Julia, HIPPY mom, Vancouver, BC