Music From the Sky


Written by Denise Gillard  
Illustrated by Stephen Taylor


A young girl and her grandfather set out one morning to find the perfect branch for Grampa to carve. Grampa says heís going to make a flute, but the girl is doubtful. She has been to a concert in the city, and knows what a flute looks like. How can her grandfather make one out of a tree branch? But Grampa knows what he is doing and, after finding the right branch, they return home, where he whittles away until the branch is no longer a branch, but a wonderful flute.

Set in rural Nova Scotia in one of Canadaís oldest black communities, Music from the Sky captures the special relationship between a girl and her grandfather.


Publication Date May 2011

Paperback | 24 pages | 7 x 11"
Ages 5 to 10

JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / United States / African-American / Family / Multigenerational




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