HIPPY Helps Kids

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) is an Early Childhood Education program that recognizes the power of the parent as a child’s first and best teacher.

HIPPY Canada is building a stronger and more competitive Canada by reaching out to isolated (newcomer, Aboriginal and other at-risk) mothers and providing them with essential skills training to facilitate their transition to and success in the workforce, develop their capacity to support their children’s success in school and build bridges to social networks and organizations toward inclusion and engagement in Canadian society.

Many HIPPY supporters have seen and loved our selection of Canadian-published books and want to buy them for their children, grandchildren and friends. In response, HIPPY Canada presents the Better with Books Club. It's an opportunity for you to access the books from our programs, and also to support HIPPY Canada and HIPPY families directly. You can add a donation with purchase, purchase one or more books for a HIPPY family somewhere in Canada, or simply donate money if you choose.

We know life is better with books! Help us ensure every child has one.


Every time I bring a new book (from HIPPY), my kids are happy. They say “oh wow mom you bring another book for us?”…We read together and they are happy, they like it so much

Antoinette, HIPPY Mom, Ottawa, Ontario


Because of HIPPY, my son builds his reading habits. For him, HIPPY gave him life-long benefits. People love reading. I think that the benefits will be for his whole life.

Jenny, Home Visitor, Toronto, ontario

We gratefully acknowledge our publishing partner, Groundwood Books.