A Mothers Matter Special Reading Program: The Summer Book Club!

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What is the Summer Book Club?

- Interactive reading package created to fuel outdoor adventures and family bonding.

- Includes a set of five books and five activity packages, used in tandem with one another to encourage reading engagement, and learning-by-doing.


What are activity packages?

- Specialized learning booklets adapted from the educational curriculum used in the Mothers Matter Centre HIPPY Program

- Each package is based around the content of a children’s book

- Easy-to-follow lesson plans for parents, providing developmentally appropriate activities for their children

- Skills are introduced using wide-ranging, fun, learning activities that include reading, writing, drawing, singing, rhyming, games, puzzles, cooking, baking and more


What are the books about?

Eddie Longpants (click here for more info):

Eddie Longpants is a gentle introduction to a difficult topic; it tells the story of a child who is bullied at school for being 'different', and how he is able to overcome it.

In the end Eddie and his classmates realize that being big isn't so bad after all, especially when you have a big heart.

Caramba (click here for more info):

Caramba is a story about fitting in, and learning to see the beauty in yourself - no matter how much you may diverge from what is "normal".  

They grab his paws and whisk him up into the sky for an impromptu flying lesson that ends with a big splash and a surprising discovery.

Music from the Sky (click here for more info):

Music from the Sky is a timeless portrait of family bonding - a heartening testament to the value of our earliest childhood memories.

Set in rural Nova Scotia in one of Canada’s oldest black communities, Music from the Sky captures the special relationship between a girl and her grandfather.

Lessons from Mother Earth (click here for more info):

Lessons from Mother Earth is a story about appreciation - for the people you share your life with, and for the natural beauty that always surrounds you.

This gentle story demonstrates the First Nations' tradition of taking care of Mother Earth.

Stella, Princess of the Sky (click here for more info):

Stella, Princess of the Sky tells the story of a young girl engrossed by her curiosity of the world.  

Marie-Louise Gay's whimsical prose and enchanting illustrations capture the joys of young children making their first discoveries of the world around them.